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4 Tips To Make Your Facebook Employer Friendly

With more and more employers using Facebook during their process of selecting potential candidates, job seekers need to be bit cautious about the posts and comments. As many have been fired or dismissed from jobs due to the nature of comments they have made. You never know when employers dig into your social media profiles to find facts about you.

  • The first and foremost aspect is that you should never publically state opinions, no matter the subject matter of your discussion. You cannot criticize companies nor make negative comments about their opinions, policies and so on. In no case it looks good from employer’s point of view.
  • Be careful on your status updates. After the interview, you can update your status that relates to the same. And post-interview, make a post that lets your prospective employer think that you are honestly interested in the working with the company. And evidently, it is the single most important aspect that every company looks forward while hiring workforce.
  • Make sure that you untag from offensive, inappropriate photos on your friends’ pages. And also, do check the links posting to websites and the contents that is both text as well as image on yours’ as well as your friends’ timelines. Take your time to remove the entire contents that do not seem appropriate in the eyes of employer.
  • Keep in mind that you have to clean up all obnoxious contents or else turn on privacy settings if you wish not to delete the same. Watch out for your profile picture as well. It would also be a better idea to unfriend those people whom you do not know.

Employers scroll through your Facebook profile not just to get informed about you but also identify your dexterity in communication and so on. So it is advised to clean up those inappropriate stuff that attributes to bad impression in the minds of employers, particularly when you are waiting for the results after a recent job interview.

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