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5 Rain Friendly Office Shoes That You Need to Get

rain friendly office shoes

You cannot avoid travelling to office during atrocious weather season. A rainy day cannot be avoided so does an office day. So, would you bother dampening your best pair of leather shoes on a rainy day on your way to office? I bet, not even in your dreams! So let’s discuss about the types of office shoes that are rain friendly.

  • Water resistant leather shoes made of synthetic leather saves you from ruining your shoes during rainy weather. Even though they do not come with same quality like the genuine quality leather, it serves the purpose. Bear in mind to buy shoes that have fine adhesive grip on the soles.
  • Try waterproof shoes such as galoshes in your workplace during a rainy day. It insulates your feet and it is tear resistant. Slip on to a pair of rain galoshes with the right kind of accessories and let your feet and shoes feel the comfort.
  • Rain friendly boots or rain boots are sneakers usually made of water proof rubber. Comes in subtle colors with regular laces so that none notices the difference between the sneakers and the rain boots.
  • Rubber overshoes is another way out, if you really wish to flaunt your leather shoes style during rainy season. All you have to do is to slip in to the rubber shoes over your genuine leather shoes and remove them off while you reach the office.
  • Chukka boots are another option which is less sporty than duck boots and can be put on at work place. However, check for water proof chukka boots as some boots not always come with a water resistant material.

Check out for these shoes before you start worrying about wearing an office shoe on a heavy downpour. A pair of waterproof, trendy office friendly shoes ward off all your woes on a rainy day.

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