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5 Reasons For You Being Still Unemployed

Despite the economic changes, many are finding it difficult to land job. If you are in deep waters for not getting employment, think over what needs to be done next. Remember, when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going. There may be umpteen reasons for not getting a job, don’t blame it on your luck. Even though the reasons differ for different persons but there are some that remains in common and attribute to unemployment among many. Here is a list describing such common reasons and the remedial ways.

  • Start with your Resume. If your Resume is not in conformity with the needs of a particular job you have applied for, it might lead to rejection. Create the first impression with a killer Resume and you are safe to land a job. Don’t make your Resume too brief or too elaborate. Write down your Resume in a concise manner providing every details and those specific skills you possess for successfully implementing the tasks for the post you are going to apply for.
  • Poor networking skills attribute to unemployment. The most social among the job seekers search for every other job opportunity by way of replying to ads, call agencies, job fairs, makes use of every connection to land a job. So start over by improving your social interactions to grab every single opportunities that suits you.
  • Focusing on the past jobs and the salary earned during the previous job might throttle your ambitions to land a job. Under certain circumstances, there may arise situations where you will be forced to accept jobs that come with less monetary benefits. When you are ready to make compromise rather than being unemployed, opportunities starts raining and finally you don’t need to wear the tag of unemployed.
  • If you are fresh out of the college, generally you won’t be qualified for high salaried jobs. But the flip side is that you may be overqualified for entry level jobs as well. The recruiters know when the right opportunity strikes, you would leave the job downright. At this point, finding the right type of job does make sense to avoid rejection.
  • If you are overoptimistic about interviews, you may find it difficult to make it. In fact, being excessively optimistic in the form of not preparing well for interviews don’t take you long or does not let you accomplish your long term career goals. Take the right step by practicing in advance to replicate it in interviews in a cheerful and professional disposition.

Though the reasons behind unemployment are many, one should introspect what might have attributed to the awful plight to come out of the redundancy blues. Check for reasons and implement necessary actions to be back on track.

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