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5 References That Help You Land The Job

Irrespective of the job positions you plan to apply for, references are must if the employers insists so. Though some employers do not prefer job seekers submitting references, you do not know if a prospective employer does insist references during the different phases of selection process. You cannot undermine its significance, and hence you have to keep the references ready.
Ensure that for each of the job opportunities you are going to apply, check if you have the right references. Carefully consider if the person whom you choose a reference maintains a good relationship with you, if it is colleague consider the years you both have worked together and if he/she could convey the positives about you and so on.
Here are some persons who could be on your list of professional references on your Resume. While listing the references, inform the concerned person beforehand.

  •  Your supervisor who has been managing your jobs and who could provide positive opinions about you is one best choice. He/She can be your supervisor for a particular project or whom you have been associated for any processes while at duty. The most important thing is that the supervisor should have been spent time working along with you so that he/she gets acquaint with your character, your work culture and so on.
  • Your former employer serves as good reference as they are well informed about your duties and responsibilities and the way you have implemented them. A much sought after professional reference, former employer’s opinion validates your experience and skills at executing a particular job.
  • Your colleague at the previous jobs is another reliable option. Because they can convey your work traits as he/she has associated/ worked along with you during project implementations. Also if you had been working as team and your achievements as a team work is counted while making the decision on your selection.
  • Your present employer if he or she is aware of your job search and who is all willing to provide positive feedback about you. Such reference serves as real worth for a job seeker because it also imply that you are leaving the present organization gracefully.
  • Your academic advisor if he/ she does know you conclusively and convey about your excellence in academics, your way of delivering results, or able to talk about your personal attributes comes as a reliable reference when you are seeking to get placed in a job.

No matter the references you prefer to choose, all that you require is that, inform them in advance and update the persons about the details. Because prior to the communication from your prospective employer, they need to prepare in advance so that they can plan and provide the details on you.

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