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5 Signs That You Are Underpaid

Being underpaid is the last thing you need at work. It’s rather one of the most disappointing aspects that becomes detrimental affecting an employees’ productivity and potentials. For many, getting the right salary determines their level of performance and motivation and above all, how he/ she is valued/rated inside and outside office. If you are experienced and you are earning less than the industry standards, it is a sign that you are underpaid. Let us see some of the common aspects that comes to play in this matter.

  • Your company’s revenue is increasing however, you are not rewarded proportionately. A salary hike is expected while your company makes big growth within a year.
  • If the salary received is below par when compared with those in the similar levels or experience same as that of you. Go back to your first years of job and check the salary receipts. If your income has been changes meagerly, from your earlier part of career until this time, you are underpaid.
  • A similar job description that resembles yours shows a higher salary than what you are presently earning makes it obvious that you are underpaid. Keep watch of what is happening around and do compare and check the salary offered to similar positions within your company and in the industry.
  • If you have changed your mindset that you are just happy being an employee rather than your pay package, managers would sense this and it would badly affects your salary compensation. Address your grievances w.r.t. salary and make sure that your arguments for salary increments are genuine.
  • If you find it hard to discuss your career prospects with your boss, it’s a bad sign.  And obviously, it indicates that he/she does not want to address the salary hike in accordance with the career advancements.

Keep watch of the salary compensation and check if it is in par with the industry standards and your experience.

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