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Best Exercises That You Can Comfortably Do At Your Work Desk

Best Exercises That You Can Comfortably Do At Your Work Desk

You have the best career and you certainly enjoys it, and help supporting your family, the pecuniary needs, but do you ever thought of what it likes to be on a sedentary job? It can take away all your health and make you feel sick. So if you are sitting long hours gluing to computer, it is high time you think about doing some simple exercise without leaving your work desk.

If you cannot get out of the office or from the work space, try these exercise to revitalize your body and mind and start afresh to fulfill your tasks with perfection and quality. Top of all, it is a sure ticket to enjoy a stress free work day.

Simple exercises that work out at your work desk

  • Are you scared about getting carpal tunnel syndrome? Avoid being scared about Carpal Tunnel syndrome by performing some simple exercise to keep the nagging syndrome at bay. Stand at your desk, keep your arms straight so that the finger is pointed toward you. Lower your body to your comfortable level slowly in such a way that you can feel the stretch. Wait until 15 seconds and repeat as when required.
  • Want to take care your body while working? Then go for this exercise that help build muscle strength and flexibility. Sit tall in the chair and stretch arms to the ceiling and grasp the back end of the chair with the right wrist and turn to the right. Wait for 10 second and try raising your arm against the ceiling and the repeat it again in the opposite direction with the left wrist as well.
  • Exercise for your hamstrings, calf muscles and lower back. You can put your leg on the desk by pushing the chair a little backwards away from the desk. Similarly if you need to do arm exercise, hold your right wrist above head with the left hand and pull to stretch it toward the right side. While doing this, ensure that you need to keep your shoulders low while bending. Wait for 10 seconds return to the vertical posture. Similarly, you have to do the same with your left wrist.
  • Take care of lower body exercise while you sit in the chair. All you have to do is to extend each of the legs individually as high as you can and hold it there for two or three seconds. Repeat at least 15 times to ensure lower body strength.
  • Desk Pushups can be easily performed at workspace to improve your upper body strength. Move away from your desk with the feet together and place the arms on the edge of the desk and pushups. Ensure that you exhale while moving up. Repeat it at least 20 times.

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