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Do I Have To Live With Depression Forever

Depression Forever

Once you have suffered for depression, it is not always easy to recover as the treatment involves a lot of trial and error methods to arrive at the right medication. Finding the right remedy for depression can be daunting which again makes you pique about if the disease can be ever cured. Even if you have undergone the successful treatment, you might be worried about whether it makes a comeback in future. Statistics say that only a fewer proportion suffering from depression gets the best treatment and hence the case of depression relapse is so common.

Experts opine the chances of returning symptoms become profound even after getting proper treatment. Many incidences prove that more than half of the population who suffered depression are prone to have a second and those who experience depression relapse for second time become susceptible to third and so on.

What causes recurrence in depression?

A number of reasons attribute to the incidence of depression relapse. Psychiatrists are of the opinion that the stress factors that aggravated the initial depression might get returned and augment it again. Often times, depression relapse comes back due to the absence of adequate treatment. There is also another reason which says that most of the patients are in the habit of discontinuing the treatment while they witness a little difference. Often it results in premature cessation of treatment making way for recurrence of depression symptoms.

Knowing depression relapse triggers

Depression relapse trigger varies with individuals. For instance, a holiday can be a trigger factor for some where absence of holidays can make another one feel depressed. Therefore, knowing depression triggers and moving on with the medications and treatment until the required time is the key to avoid depression relapse.

Eliminating depression relapse

Ensure that you follow doctor’s advice throughout the treatment and adopt healthy living by getting adequate sleep, organic vegan foods, appreciating every good things you come across every day, valuing own and others efforts and relaxing as possible as you can by indulging in your interests and hobbies. Incorporate these simple things in your life and watch the difference from the very next day!

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