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Earning High Salary- Myth Or Reality

Everyone wants to draw higher salary, but the companies rarely do and hence there is scope for negotiation. Salary negotiation is rather an inevitable process if you really want to get the increment. And the statistics says that there is enough scope for improving salary by 5 to 10 percent through negotiation. So, asking for salary that resonates with your professional worth is considered part and parcel during selection process, provided you have adhered to the following conditions.

  • Target high salaries at the time of interview, on the flip side prepare yourself for rejection. Expert advice says that it is wise to present your demand before your prospective employer makes the initial offer. By doing so, the employer gets an idea about the salary range you are looking for. There is 50 percent likely that the employer accepts it and if not, be ready to start salary negotiation.
  • Do salary research for your position and it depends on a number of factors. While you ask, make sure that you have enough reasons. A bit of explanation would do, even if the employer thinks that it would be higher, you will definitely gain points for the extra effort you have put on.
  • If the potential employer asks your present salary you cannot stonewall or ignore answering because it is asked with the intention of getting a definite response. A candidate should under no circumstances lie as employers can verify. If you think that you are underpaid, then provide the reasons and if you are asking for higher salary, tell your employer that you look for salary rise and very importantly, state the reasons for the same. On the other hand, if you are earning over and above what’s normal in the industry, disclose the reasons why you have been paid higher.
  • Give emphasis on the experience and the skills you have gained all through your career life. There is nothing wrong in highlighting your professional achievements with a view to enhance your take home pay. Making your employer think that you are worth what you are asking for is a fine idea to earn a high salary. You have to convince your employer before he/ she offers an amount. In the end, you can arrive at a mutually agreeable figure.

For potential employers, many factors come into consideration while deciding pay scale for a particular position. However, a candidate cannot leave the war field before the fight. Do not hesitate to ask for the salary package that you deserve, but give precise explanation on why you think that you are worth the amount asked for.

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