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Find Out The Effects of Stress On Your Body

Effects of Stress On Your Body

Every human being has experienced stress one time or another. While stress is considered as the most nerve-racking byproduct of anxiety, the most interesting thing is that stress up to a certain level can be motivating. A desired level of stress is acceptable as the research experiments say.

Stress, often times act as a positive force while planning for a big occasion, for instance attending an interview. While you get worried about making it to the office on time and you are caught in a traffic whirl, it certainly does not be contributing to positive stress. A negative stress is not a good thing as we all know, it should be eliminated at once.

How stress affects the body?

A lot of changes happen in body when stress occurs. In fact, an instance of negative stress affects the entire systems in the body.  When stress occurs body, indeed muscles gets tensed up which commonly occurs as a reflex action. When muscles gets tensed up, naturally it will bring unhealthy results. As a result, body reacts under stress and leads to tension induced headaches, migraine and muscle tension in shoulders, head and neck. Follow a relaxation technique with the help of an expert to reduce the incurrence of stress.

Stress when experienced for a long period of time without being remedied can seriously damage blood vessels and heart and lead to health risks in the form of hypertension, stroke or even heart attacks. Sometimes it can trigger asthma causing lung damages in instances of death of a loved one as a reaction to stress.

Stress not in the positive nature affects body negatively and many a times the vital organs and its functioning. It affects the normal level functioning leading to Type 2 diabetes when stress induced hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine are produced. It affects the gastrointestinal functions as well.

Reducing the stress level and improving the stress tolerance is the most fruitful solutions while eliminating the incidence of stress. Follow a healthy routine and bring discipline in your everyday life! It will certainly payoff!

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