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Four Reasons Why Multitasking Is Not Advocated

Multi Tasking

In today’s scenario multitasking becomes a requisite for many things. You will be lauded for your ability if you are a multitasker. However, multitasking has a detrimental effect on your health as research says. Though it seems like you could manage a range of activities simultaneously, you are slowly succumbing to severe issues on your body. Let us probe into the possible multitasking disadvantages here.

Reduced Efficiency

Many people are under the impression that multitasking improves efficiency and helps do things faster. While you scrutinize the activities, you realize that you have went through a slew of tasks rather than finishing a single task. And the biggest flaw is that it reduces your productivity if you multitask during activities that demands creativity, in particular.

Increases stress

Though it seems like you have went through a multitude of activities, in reality it has impacted your health. The continuous delay, the stress of handling two or more jobs together leads to anxiety and affects the general health of your body. When the tasks become more demanding the stress gets multiplied. Even if your stress tolerance level is high, it would rather add to your health woes.

Weakens brain’s efficiency

Studies say that the brains of those who multitask often gets less efficient and also during times when they are not multitasking. Managing several activities at a time can be frustrating and the stress of generating results for each single task by considering the ideas and solutions for all, can be daunting for brain. At the end, you are going to face brain drain due to multitasking.

Mistaken as a Time Saver

It is never true that multitasking saves you time. When you do many things at a time, one gets interfere with the completion of other and would end up making errors. So fixing errors again take time making multi-tasking a time consuming process.

For the love or your body, avoid multitasking whenever possible. For every job, challenges are many. But do not succumb to multi-tasking if you really want to make it to the top.

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