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How To Adjust With Know-It-All Worker

Know-It-All worker acts as if he/she is superior and neither allow others to talk nor do they listen to anyone. The most nagging part is that they direct others on how to do their job even if they are capable of executing it successfully. This behavior is common in know-it-all personalities. They are irksome, annoying for all those who know how to execute their responsibilities successfully. At work places where you encounter a know-it-all, it becomes too daunting as such person drain the whole energy out of an employee who knows how to do his/ her work.

However, if you encounter bitter experience due to know-it-all at workplace, to even out and make matters carried out smoothly, there are many ways to tackle them skillfully. Here are a few tips:

  • Approach know-it-alls with calm composure though they are annoying. Think about the how the talk progresses, the response from the know-it-all. Once you become all set to give the right reply, it would boost your confidence. Often, know-it-alls take the upper hand when the person/s on the other end makes them feel superior.
  • Provide best solution through reconciliation as it would rather do good. Talk to the person who behaves as know-it-all that you know how to execute your work and in any case you need help from his/ her side you would ask. But make sure that you convey it in a friendly but firm manner. And also, when situations permits, project the instances where your boss has extended accolades on the work you have completed independently without any flaws.
  • Do not over dependent on the know-it-alls, no matter if it is professional or personal. This would only make them feel superior and think that you require the advice time and time again. This would rather do harm only. Try to avoid such situations to overcome the aggravations from the know-it-all.
  • Knowing what needs to be overlooked and the matters to be addressed should diminish the intensity of the situation. If any comments that deserves to be ignored, you should leave it particularly something that is purely personal or informal.

Workplace know-it-alls has to be tackled skillfully as they directly or indirectly influences the efficiency of highly productive employees. And furthermore, it affects the morale of these extremely motivated employees. However the only way out is to make use of your rationale, and rid of know-it all personalities to perform your duties and responsibilities in a flawless manner and deliver fruitful results. And it is as simple as that!

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