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How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Appealing To Employers

LinkedIn, being the most valuable social media platform for professionals, creating an account has become the primary need for job seekers. Day after day, every recruiters utilize this big platform to find the best talents to fill the positions. So your LinkedIn profile reflects your professional skills and talents. To make your prospective employers stop at your LinkedIn profile, keep updating and modifying your profile from time to time in accordance with the changes happening in your career so that rewarding opportunities embrace you within no time.
Here are some useful tips on transforming your LinkedIn profile to a resourceful one.
SEO your LinkedIn profile
It does not matter if you have created a killer profile on your LinkedIn account unless you have considered the LinkedIn SEO. If you want to reach out your prospective recruiters then you have the SEO done for your profile. Ensure that you have included the right keywords which employers look for, get endorsements and recommendations to get noticed.
Bring in your personality
Since LinkedIn profile should not be very formal as compared to Resume, you can make your prospective employers informed about you with regard to the reasons why you have chosen your profession, your ambitions and so on. It allows the recruiters to get to know you and in the end you could impress them even before they call you for a face to face conversation.
Provide a good photo
Have a good professional photo of yours. Never provide a casual photo on your LinkedIn account. It does only harm than good and definitely not a better way to market you. Make sure that you have a genuine photo of yours rather than a photoshopped one. Always keep in mind that you are going to meet at least some of the recruiters/ employers in future and hence keep your identity.
Profile Endorsements
Connect with a number of people in your profession and get endorsements from them. The more number of endorsements, the higher will be your professional value. Ask for endorsements and also offer endorsements in return. Endorsements and recommendations enhance your employability.
Declutter your LinkedIn profile
Remove all irrelevant and unwanted information from your LinkedIn profile. You might have switched your career and companies. And so, ensure that you update profile in accordance with your current position otherwise it would only mislead recruiters.
Keep your LinkedIn profile spick and span. Recruiters will come to you and within no time help you land a job.

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