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How To Stay Employable After Gap In Employment

As we all know, employment gap occur when the applicant is not employed at job. Many reasons pave way for employment gap ranging from professional factors to personal. No matter the reasons, if a candidate does not explain convincingly regarding the employment gap/s before the interview board, it may bring serious aftermaths. At one time or other, everyone has to face this issue, hindering your efforts to land the job. However, if you can make the hiring manager convinced about the reasons for gaps, you become one step close to your new job.

If you have suffered employment gaps in your career, due to negative reasons in particular; as a result think that your employability has steeply fallen, you are wrong. There are plenty of ways to overcome the effects of career gaps and stay employable. A few of them are explained as follows:-

  • Build your network and maintain the professional contacts so that when needed it would come to your help. People who know your talents recommend you for job positions that matches your skills and experience.
  • Always keep your updated Resume. And also, do not forget to add the new skills and job related training you have received during the time you have been away from the employment. Moreover, make sure that you have created a skill based resume to project your talents rather than focusing on your employment history.
  • Any job seeker who has experienced employment gap should mention the same in the Resume. An employment gap does not always lead to rejections but being dishonest implies that you are at risk. Also, your willingness to tell the truth speaks a lot about you.
  • You should be confident and positive to create an impression that you are worthy of employable irrespective of the reasons for the employment gaps you have incurred during the past.
  • Ensure that your Resume contain all the keywords and skill sets your potential employer has looked for. This again would make the recruiter think that you are capable of taking up the responsibilities vested if you have been selected.

Employment gaps are common, but never ever make it discreet under any circumstances. And if you cut a sorry figure, you will not make it in the interview. On the other hand, if you are positive and present yourself before prospective employer as returning professional, half of the battle is won. Down the line you are sure to land the job by showing that you are honest and committed to work.

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