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How Tremendous Stress Leads To Heart Attack?

How Tremendous Stress Leads To Heart Attack?

Stress heart disease

Stress is a term that is not new to the modern man. Everyone is suffering from some sort of stress. Children suffer from the stress of performance and the adults find it stressful to manage their finances. Stress creates a lot of complications and it will lead to the dysfunction of the body. People who are under a lot of stress will have an increased risk of suffering from an attack.

Stress can differ in definition and some types of stress do not cause heart attacks. It has not been scientifically proven that stress causes heart attacks but people under stress do have the risk of suffering a heart attack. Stress can be classified into different modes which include physical stress, emotional stress. These will have different impacts on the body and especially heart. Lack of proper management of stress can lead to physical, emotional and even psychological problems.

When a person is under tremendous stress the blood pressures will shoot up. This is very dangerous as we know that high BP levels are not good for the heart. People under stress also tend to overeat, stop exercising and even start smoking. All these factors are very significant in a heart attack. Chronic stress will expose the body to very high levels of stress hormones like cortisol and also adrenaline.

A lot of studies have also suggested that high stress levels will lead to blood clotting in the arteries and veins. This is a major factor for heart attack due to the blocking of the blood vessels. Stress will cause both physical and also emotional changes inside the body.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is generally referred while talking about heart attacks. It is said that emotional stress is chronic enough to cause heart complications. It is basically inside the mind and it occurs due to an event or certain environment. It is generally considered as a negative as it will cause complications in the body. A stressful event is followed by adrenaline surge and also other chemical vents that are abnormal to the body.

Stress can cause a lot of problems in the body and it is mainly due to the excessive stress inside the body that will deter the normal functioning of the body. Stressors are known as the reasons why a person will suffer from stress. Stressors can occur due to minor hassles, change in the lifestyle or an event like death of a loved one. These things are the catalyst that leads to stress.

Scientifically there is no proof that stress can be dangerous and can lead to heart attacks. But, it is noticed that people who are under tremendous stress become victims of chronic heart attacks. In general stress is not good for the body and it will cause diseases in the body.

A person should slow down when he is under stress. This helps the body to calm down and return to normal functioning. A person should always notice the signals shown by the body that the stress levels are high. Controlling the stress means keeping heart attacks at bay.

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