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Impact Of Job Stress On Job Satisfaction


Stress is the emotional reaction to an external demand and job stress relates to those job related factors that influence the physical and psychological aspects of a person. Often times, employees experience stress in work environment when they cannot adapt to the office environment and tasks.


All through the years, many research has been conducted to know the influence of stress on job satisfaction. Having said what is stress and job stress specifically, the topic under discussion also covers job satisfaction as well. Job satisfaction is the state of being that comes out of the pleasurable job experience that brings forth positive results in work environment.

Job Stress And Job Satisfaction

We all are aware of the fact that there is an inverse relationship between job stress and job satisfaction. Job stress is always perceived as an inevitable component in the work environment however the impact of social support downplays its effect. Most researches prove that the work stress gets overruled with the support from your immediate supervisors by reducing the job stress via removal of ambiguity on projects and tasks to be implemented, bifurcating the workload between different time schedules. In addition to the support from the immediate supervisors, coworker support does play a major role in reducing the job stress and anxiety.

Hence no matter what negative circumstances you face at work environment, it is easy to nullify its effects if you have a group of supporting colleagues and supervisors. Of all the factors that reduce the impact of job stress, cooperation among coworkers and supervisors offer successful results.

Proper communication, effective organization of work, scheduling and completion of tasks on time alleviates the influence of job stress provided when close cooperation between the employees persists in a company. It is duty of the top level management to ensure the above prerequisite is up and running to meet the objective of job satisfaction among employees, since human resource being the most valuable asset of any organization.

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