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Is It Advisable To Take Gap Year

Gap year is considered as a career booster and now a days, it is highly appreciated by majority of the employees no matter the industry where they belong. Usually, a gap year is utilized for gaining experience in the relevant field or outside one’s area of expertise to explore more career opportunities. HR executives are of the opinion that adding work experience abroad matters most than degree and many found that gaining a year of experience is sensible to make the candidacy get noticed from a pile of applications.

And recruiters have admitted that they would prefer to hire graduates with gap year experience; having gained extensive knowledge as compared to the candidates who haven’t took any gap year to help evolve themselves. In fact, many HR executives are of the opinion that people who took gap year for constructive purposes are successful in utilizing their education to their advantage compared to others. Here are some skills that you gain if you utilize your gap year productively.

  • Gap year makes you come back with more self-confidence, enhance social skills which rather is considered as a big advantage while applying for jobs. Employers would prefer to choose those candidates who have communication and problem solving skills and those utilizing their gap year to its fullest for career improvement make their way to big position.
  • Taking gap year for career improvement shows that you are open to challenges, learning and enhancing your knowledge, building career portfolio and top of all, you are full of career –oriented. Employers and recruiters look for people with a feeling of zest toward career and under almost all situations, such persons deliver tasks most successfully.
  • Also, if someone requires a career shift, gap year in the early career age would be a wise decision. Or else, if you need to expand the scope of skills in interrelated fields in your area of expertise, gap year is advisable. You are bound to make improvements in your career and gap year just facilitate it.
  • Gap year improves your employability helping you acquire a wide set of skills. In fact, it lets you be more competent than your peers and land a job very fast. Getting acquainted with more skills in one’s area of expertise gives lasting impression on recruiters while facing the selection processes.

Gap year should be used wisely, so that you get gets directed on how your career is progressing. Employers and recruiters enquire on how you utilized the gap year and jobseekers should explain it convincingly on the Resume.

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