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Knowing Work Induced Mental Health Issues In Women

Mental health issues in women at work place are rather a serious condition which affects their general wellbeing. In fact, both men and women experience health woes at work premises, however it can hit hard women especially due to a number of factors. When women has to perform multiple roles in day to day life, it won’t be that easy to cope with the stress at workplace.

Manifold roles, extra pressure

Starting from gender bias to unhealthy working conditions, the life of working class of women gets jeopardized. This can lead to severe mental stress at work place. The role each woman takes up in both professional and personal life can be demanding. The duties as a mother, wife and employee require the ability to cope with the demands of each of these roles she perform in her daily life.

Failures while balancing work-life conditions

And it can become a matter of disappointment that often these responsibilities clash and so it is highly likely that no results are achieved, both at workplace and personal life. The failures at the work desk due to the extra pressure triggers the chances of mental health issues in women.

Low wages and under payment

Also, women are facing unfair treatment with respect to wages as opposed to men though it is widely popularized that such conditions never exist today. The very thought that they are not worthy of earning an equivalent payment their male counterpart earns make them feel neglected at work place.

Depression and mental health issues

With the stress and anxiety escalating due to work and family demands, if not adequately prepared to face the challenges, women have to face the worst in the form of depression and anxiety disorders. Depression may lead to many other illnesses in case, it is not addressed properly.

Maintaining a balance between work and life situations would help women tackle the incidence of mental health issues at workplace. Leaving personal worries at home is one good solution that keeps stress and anxiety at bay to a very great extent.

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