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Make Use Of Negative Feedback At Workplace

For most people, criticism is not their cup of tea. And often, if it is received at work place, many would not take it in the right sense. Negative feedback is bitter irrespective of the position you hold as being anything done wrong in your job affects your ego as well. The matter become even worse, if you are considered one among the best employees winning all praises from your supervisor/ boss. However, one should know that criticism is part and parcel of professional life. However, one can make use of this negative remark into potential career growth opportunities. Since criticism is often considered as an opportunity for betterment of skills and career growth. Top of all, negative feedback stems from the fact that you are open to changes.
Let’s see the ways in which you can transform these negative feedback into learning opportunities. The wealth of experience you gain from criticism is immense and it takes you to soaring heights if you view it positively.
• Accept the negative remarks wholeheartedly and check if you found it is genuine. Once you are aware that you have made a mistake then take all possible measures to correct it in the first place. Make sure that you have found solutions and more importantly began working toward achieving it. Follow the plan and check the changes in your work efforts. Evaluate yourself every single workday and rectify any deviations.
• Negative feedback does not mean that you are not worthy of holding the position. But, it does imply that your boss’ think your services are worth important, meanwhile you require a motivation by means of criticism on instances of err. Probably, your boss have understood your work behavior that you cannot be better motivated than by mentioning the flaws by way of a negative comment.
• You can take negative feedback positively as your manager thinks that you are capable of accepting criticism in the right spirit. So if you are ready to make the necessary changes in the way you implement and generate results; in a flawless manner it will certainly payoff. Show your boss that you are open to criticism and fully willing to correct yourself on the instances of any flaws.
• Negative feedback is a wake-up call for self-evaluation. And self-analysis is one better way to rid of mistakes and flaws. Check out for deviations from the standards, provide solutions at once and implementing it once. No doubt, the end result would be worth appreciable.
Negative feedback and constructive criticism are two sides of a coin. At times, negative feedback is mentioned; but do not fret, you have all reasons to get enriched and enhanced at workplace provided you have realized the hidden learning opportunities in your boss’ criticisms.

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