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Smart Ways to Deal With Clingy Co-workers

All through your career, you are going to work with a variety of people. Probably, you never experience a bad situation at workplace than stage five clingy workers. And it becomes much worse when such workers intrudes into your time and productivity. Not handling work independently is a syndrome capable of affecting the independent worker’s output. Before it takes a toll on your work satisfaction and the ease at which the tasks are implemented, try to rein in the odd behavior. Here are some ways on handling over-dependent co-workers.

  • Be honest and say upfront that you are on a time bound project. If a clingy worker comes to you asking for help or small talk, convey him/ her that you will be available once you are done with your tasks. But watch out, never be hostile.

  • Cling workers pester because of your independence and confidence in implementing duties. Try seeking the help of clingy co-worker when you are in need. At times, they lack confidence to get things done by themselves. If you are going to get help from them, they may feel self-reliant and independent.

  • Help clingy co-workers by encouraging them to be independent. Or else, ask your supervisor to help clingy workers become more independent. Often, if your supervisor does a good job, he/ she will take the initiative. If not, address the situation before it starts affecting your productivity and satisfaction at work.

  • Stage five clingy worker kills your productivity by using your time. Before you look lost at workplace due to this overdependence by clingy workers, ensure all possible measures to tackle it harmlessly.

An even bigger revelation on clingy workers is that in most cases, they are capable of doing tasks on their own, but their indolence gulp their capabilities. Everyone strives hard to achieve results to improve every single workday to reach on top of career. After all, only a handful of people know how to get things in place without much effort; those born with extraordinary skills. So don’t allow clingy workers to take things for granted. It’s your career and you have absolute freedom to direct it to your advantage, irrespective of the position you hold and the industry you with. And that’s what every employee-friendly employer intends you to do. Never allow others to take your work time unnecessarily.

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