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Stress at work

Work related stress is part and parcel of any job. If you have ever held a job you did experience work pressure during the implementation of the tasks while keeping the time. No matter what position you hold, in the organization level, the stress level is more or less same. When stress at work becomes too difficult to cope with, it can be devastating since it is harmful to both emotional and physical health.

The recent statistics in this regard also reveals that only a small proportion is able to withstand the work related stress. Stress is regarded as the most significant reason for killing productivity of employees. With a view to get through work related stress, many organizations have come up with the idea providing the resources to keep the emotional as well as physical wellbeing of employees intact.

Factors contributing to stress at work

Many factors trigger work related stress. Let us see some significant reasons of stress that emanates at work environments.

  • Extreme work pressure
  • Few opportunities for growth
  • Unprofessional working environments
  • Lack of coordination
  • Vague expectations on performance
  • Low self-esteem for employees

The most dismal aspect of stress at work is that it does not go away even after you leave office. It does all the damage while you incur the stress, eats up your general health and eventually affects your productivity.


Work related stress can be avoided by a number of ways. By maintain a good work atmosphere, better communication, motivation toward work, good coordination and support between co-workers help you reduce the influence of work related stress.

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