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What Causes Stress Disorders


If you frequently expose to stress, you are likely to incur stress disorders in near future. It is true that stress cannot be absolutely avoided, however you can make steps to alleviate its incidence. Stress at workplace, stress at family and social life can turn your life upside down. It is important that you learn coping with stress to make sure that your emotional and physical health is well taken care of.

Let us see what contributes to stress related disorders. Stress related disorders clearly results from frequent instances of stress. Prolonged stress paves way for severe disorders attributing to the poor functioning of brain, nervous system, heart, muscles, joints, pancreas and stomach. Stress related disorders triggers the instances of anxiety attacks. Anxiety attack or panic attack triggers a number of difficulties as we know stress affects almost all parts of the body. The symptoms may be mild to intense, but it can be relentless and frequent in nine out of ten cases.

Acute and chronic stress

As stress arises due to excessive exposure to pressure; depending on the intensity of pressure, stress is classified in to acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress is more prevalent than chronic stress. If you expose to stress while carrying out activity, the degree of stress resilience may vary according to the ease with which you carry out the work. Acute stress, rather is a relatively less dangerous as opposed to chronic stress. It does not give way to extensive damage.

Acute stress may feature emotional distress in the sufferer with many related symptoms like anxiety, depression and anger. These three are commonly referred to as stress emotions. He might also incur muscular tensions, with cramps, ligament and tendon problems, severe headache, pain in jaws and back pain. Acute stress is common in very person and can be cured too easily.

Chronic Stress

Acute stress is not considered as harmful as chronic stress. Chronic stress leads to severe physical damage and arises while you are crippled down with a discontent married life, despised employment, prolonged instances of poverty. The impact of chronic stress becomes so huge that the person cannot come out of its clutches in almost all situations. The unrelenting demands and pressures makes a person sink in to chronic stress. Chronic stress emanates for traumatic experience especially those encountered while childhood. Experts say the most pitiable part of chronic stress is that it becomes so connected to their life that they even forget about the condition. In fact, they live with the prolonged stress smothering mind and body. Acute stress can be identified because it may arise all on a sudden. Stress disorders pave way to disasters and results in suicide and violence. Recent studies relating to stress reveals that prolonged stress such as chronic stress can lead to certain types of cancer as well.

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